The school has developed a field at the school and also makes use of the Darling Sports Club fields and courts.

The College offers the following sporting codes:

Summer: athletics, cricket, mini-cricket, tennis and mini-tennis.

Winter: rugby, netball and hockey.

The school is affiliated with the Swartland Sports Union and participates in the sevens rugby circuit.


Die skool het ‘n veld by die skool ontwikkel en maak ook gebruik van die Darling Sport Klub velde en bane.

Die Kollege bied die volgende sportsoorte aan:

Somer: atletiek, krieket, mini-krieket, tennis en mini-tennis.

Winter: rugby, netbal en hokkie.

Die skool is geaffiliëer met Swartland Sport Unie en neem aan die seweman rugbykring deel.